Le Marche and Riviera del Conero

The wonders of Riviera del Conero

Brokey real estate solutions are located in Marche region, in particular in the Conero Riviera, place characterized by wonderful landscapes, medieval hamlets and over 20 km of coastline. Riviera del Conero gets its name from Monte Conero, a promontory overlooking the sea, unique of its kind in Central Italy: here you find rock caves, white limestone cliffs and coves of smooth sand.

Riviera del Conero is perfect for those who love exploring and enjoying new activities every day: you can go for walks and practice outdoor sports in the unspoilt nature of Conero Natural Park, but you can also visit cities of art and historic villages that will welcome you with genuine dishes and flavours.

Riviera del Conero has got 4 out of 5 sails in The most beautiful sea 2019, the yearly guide of seaside resorts published by Legambiente and Italian Touring Club, describing it as a “naturalistic jewel where culture and architecture mix together with the beauty of the beaches and the Mediterranean brush”.

Riviera del Conero



Ancona is the capital city of Marche region and it is the only city in Italy where it’s possible to see both sunrise and sunset over the sea. Also known as a door opening on the Orient for its strategic position, Ancona has an ancient history, as demonstrated by monuments and archaeological sights all around the city.
Besides history and culture, walking down the streets you can wander around city parks to enjoy the view of the sea, or take a break on the Passetto beach to see the typical “caves”, colorful shelters dug inside the cliff in the early 1900s by the fishermen to harbour their boats. Those who love wild beaches could also go to the gorgeous Mezzavalle beach, in the middle of Conero Natural Park.
Ancona is just 18 km from Marche Airport, to which it is connected by a convenient shuttle service, and has a port with a key function in international trade and tourism: in particular, the tourist port Marina Dorica was selected among the “Top 30 Italian Marina 2012”.



What to see in Ancona:

Cathedral of St. Cyriacus, splendid Romanesque-Gothic church with Byzantine elements
Church of Santa Maria della Piazza, masterpiece of Romanesque art
Roman harbour, Arch of Clement and Arch of Trajan, the latter built in the first century AD by the Emperor Trajan
Mole Vanvitelliana, pentagonal-shaped island inside the harbour, designed by the architect Luigi Vanvitelli
Church of San Francesco alle Scale, with a majestic portal in Venetian Gothic style
Plebiscito Square and Government Palace, built in the second half of the 1300s
Merchants’ Lodge, in Venetian Gothic style
Fountain “del Calamo”, also called “of the thirteen spouts”, name of Greek origin
War Memorial, built between 1927 and 1930
Art Gallery, where you can see works by Carlo Crivelli, Lorenzo Lotto and Guercino
National Archeologicy Museum of le Marche, which collects finds from all over Marche region
Museo Tattile Omero, one of the few in the world and the only one in Italy to be specifically designed for the needs of visually handicapped people

Fountain “del Calamo”, Fountain “of the thirteen spouts” Ancona


The surroundings of Ancona

Going down the coast to the south of Ancona, there are Numana and Sirolo, small towns of the Conero Riviera where you can enjoy crystal clear waters and unique scenery.

Numana has sandy beaches and gorgeous coves, as well as well-equipped beaches with colorful bathing establishments, like Marcelli beach, much appreciated by families.

Sirolo is known as the Pearl of the Adriatic: here there are some of the wildest beaches of the Conero Riviera, including the famous Two Sisters beach, the most beautiful beach in Italy according to travel site Skyscanner.it, which gets its name from the two characteristics rocks surfacing from the waters. Besides this corner of paradise, you find many equipped beaches that attract tourists from all over the world, like Urbani beach, San Michele beach and Sassi Neri beach. The historic town centre is also impressive, winding along narrow streets and typical fishermen houses overlooking the sea.


From Ancona in a few minutes by car it is possible to reach inland towns and different landscapes: sea and cliffs make room for gentle hillsides, colorful countryside and hamlets rich in history, art and tradition. Among these:

Camerano, the land of Underground Wonders and Rosso Conero, a typical wine of this area. Here you can explore a secret underground city characterized by a dense network of tunnels, caves and carved niches
Osimo, with stunning panorama and artistic and archaeological treasures
Offagna, with majestic medieval fortress that stands on a cliff of tuff
Loreto, famous all over the world for the Basilica of the Holy House of Mary of Nazareth and the statue of the Black Madonna
Recanati, the homeland of the illustrious poet Giacomo Leopardi, town full of ancient buildings and charming views on the famous Infinite Hills of the Conero Riviera.

All these hamlets host a lot of events, such as the traditional medieval festival in Offagna and the Race of the Drape in Loreto: enjoy these extraordinary opportunities to get in touch with the old traditions of Marche region and immerse yourself in authentic atmospheres, tasting typical dishes and wine.


Discovering le Marche

Le Marche is a land of endless beauty:

• 28 hamlets in the list of Italy’s most beautiful villages, where you can visit ancient castles like the Gradara Castle (Pesaro-Urbino), get lost in suggestive alleys by the sea like in Grottammare (Ascoli Piceno), enjoy typical historical re-enactments like in Corinaldo (Ancona). In Marche every day is a new opportunity to explore different landscapes and activities

• 15 Blue Flags flying along the coastline, denoting environmentally well-kept beaches and quality accommodations

• impressive naturalistic heritage that includes unique sites, like Frasassi Caves (Ancona) and the Pilato’s Lake (Ascoli Piceno). In Marche you find parks and nature reserves to practice all kinds of sports and admire the beauty of the land in every season. Climbing, skiing, trekking, hiking, caving, cycling, horseback riding, canoeing, sailing, rafting, windsurfing: choose your favourite ones!

places of historical and cultural interest, from the Romanesque and Gothic features of Ascoli Piceno to the city centre of Urbino, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.


For all this, Le Marche is the only Italian destination in the Lonely Planet’s world ranking “Best in Travel 2020 – Top Ten Regions”, taking second place. Last but not least, le Marche is not just beauty: le Marche is above all wellness and quality of life. Those who choose Marche region want to be surrounded with harmony, genuineness and hospitality, qualities that can be found:

• in friendly and livable cities, where the sense of community and sharing gives to everyday life colour and warmth

• in attention to good food and wine. In Marche are producted 15 DOC and 5 DOCG wines, and organic cultivation is largely promoted. Fish, meat, cheese, olive oil, pasta, truffles and mushrooms: typical products and traditional dishes shaping a real tour of senses, during which you can go from sea to mountains without leaving the table!

• in attention to traditions, still alive in the creations of craftsmen and historical re-enactments

• in unique Made in Italy products. Visiting le Marche you cannot forgo a tour to luxury fashion outlets located in the provinces of Macerata and Fermo, where it is possible to buy international brands such as Cesare Paciotti, Fabi, Hogan, Tod’s, Loriblu, Malloni, Prada, Nero Giardini and many others.

If you would like to have a restoring break in a welcoming land, where you can easily reach all the Italian treasures, le Marche will show you a place where emotions and experiences blend together, following the rhythm of nature and creating a unique and unforgettable balance.