Brokey benefits

Brokey offers customers all-inclusive services from the first contact to the deed, walking the path we defined looking back to all the adventures we lived together with people who have trusted us and let us be part of their stories.

Brokey experience goes far beyond the simple search for a home: it is a journey of sharing and involvement, in which our consultants take the commitment to support clients’ life projects, ambitions, emotions and desires, in order to find the scenario where every family will realize its dreams.

Meeting after meeting, we will cross with you the doorstep of the property where you will write a new chapter of your life and we will support you until it will officially be your home.

Our services outline a complete and ongoing support program including many benefits.


1. A dedicated contact person

This immediately allows us to understand customers’ needs and desires, following them step by step with utmost attention and responsibility


2. Periodic follow-up

We regularly update the analysis of customers’ expectations and needs, in order to look after their evolution and always guarantee the greatest satisfaction


3. Your privacy first

Privacy and respect are fundamental to us, therefore customers’ information is never shared with agencies outside of Brokey group or with people who are not part of our trusted team


4. Solutions according to real needs

Our aim is helping customers to find the perfect home in the shortest time. In order to accompany clients to the home of their dreams, we study each profile with care and we design tailored solutions


5. The force of 3 agencies in one

Brokey group has 3 offices in Ancona and Falconara Marittima: we can count on one of the largest network of real estate agencies in this area, therefore we are able to fulfill the most disparate requests quickly


6. Checking of the documents

Every phase of negotiations is supported by qualified consultants who manage to prevent unforeseen events and solve any issue


7. Tailor-made projects for your home

Brokey collaborates with architecture and design studios to provide complete renovation services and turnkey projects


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